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Rental Vehicle Available for Road Test

Driver's Training at it's best! 

Online / Classroom

At Teen Plus Driving School we offer training via both methods - online and classroom..

Govt. Approved

We are approved by government of Alberta to conduct driver's training for new and experienced drivers.

Certified Lessons

Teen Plus Driving School offers Certified lessons ONLY! get in tocuh..

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Pick-up & Drops-offs

We do offer Pick-ups & drops-offs for full duration of your course. Please do check area's we serve.

Teen Plus Driving School Serving..

Areas We Serve

Teen Plus driving school is very much of providing the best ONLY training for aquiring skills to become a safe driver. We are offering brushup courses for existing drivers as well.  To ensure the best training is delivered we have limited our area of service.

Free Pick-up & Drop-offs
(with area packages)

Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, Tofield
Fort Saskatchwan

Paid Pick-up & Drop-offs
(with area packages)

Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, Tofield
Fort Saskatchwan

We train you in real traffic

Years and years of training experience

Our instructors are qualified and approved to train by govt. of Alberta and backed by years of experience to help you become a safe driver.

Train for many areas

Many areas, peak times & highway time

We believe that you should not be limited to be trained more types of scenario, roads, peak time of the day and highway as well but get more exposure to road signs and rules..

Train with us and drive with confidence

There is alot to learn without wasting time, get in touch for your drivers training needs or for your fleet drivers brush-up lessons

TeenPlus Driving School

We make learning fun and easy

  1. Our instructors are friendly and help you with no pressure
  2. We can accomodate on weekends if needed
  3. We can pick you up and drop you off as well
  4. Approved by Govt. of Alberta
  5. Years of training experience
  6. Certified courses only and much more..
Govt. of Alberta important resources

Downloadable information
from govt. of Alberta

Drivers Guide

Click above the "Drivers Guide" link and download great tips and help file.

Prepare for road test

This resource is very well compiled to help you preparing for your road test.

Info Databank

Here is another great resource from Govt. of Alberta having information to help you even more.

Question for Teen Plus?

If you like to ask a question then we are just a call away..


Teen Plus Driving School is proud to contribute to safer Canadian roads for all of us!