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​New flexible classroom scheduling.  See details below

**NEW** In-Class Flexible Scheduling


During the past few years, our students have been providing us with feedback on classroom sessions.  Majority of the students felt weekend classes were to long.  Starting April 4, 2017 we are now providing an alternative way to scheduling classes for busy lifestyles.   This will also help on retaining the information and allowing the student to put it to practice in the vehicle with 1 of our qualified Instructors.

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Select your days according to your schedule.  Book early for best options as classes are subject to availability.  Students must start with classroom session #1 and finish with classroom session #5, all other classroom sessions may vary.  You decide when you want to start and finish.  Online registration required, however for more detail please call our office for assistance.   We will still offer the occasional weekend program and weekday program (spring, summer & winter- no school) for students whom prefer this type of training.


February to October are extremely busy for Teen Plus Driving School.  If you require a certain date to be completed by, please book early to avoid disappointment as we cannot promise any guarantees for late registration.  We strive to have students start their in-vehicle within 2-4 weeks after the Classroom session, based on hours required in the vehicle and season.


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Teen Plus Driving School has been serving Sherwood Park and area for over 30 years.  We are Sherwood Park's largest Driving School.

Our trained & certified Instructors are dedicated to helping each student regardless of age (14 to senior), and with all learning levels.  We want them to achieve success in becoming a Proactive Driver vs. Defensive.  

  • Defensive drivers perform last minute decisions to avoid collisions caused by other drivers or poor conditions.  
  • Proactive drivers try to anticipate possible hazards, thus reducing, minimizing, or avoiding danger before it occurs.  We focus on confidence, staying alert, calm, maintaining control, eliminating distractions, judgement, distance, hazard awareness, and most important VISION!  

Teen Plus Driving Instructors continue to develop their skills & knowledge that are essential to understanding driver behavior with our own Smith System Driver Improvement Institute Trainer.  This exceeds Alberta Transportation standards.  Our Senior instructors monitor all instructors 2-4 times per year to ensure all instructors are exceeding provincial requirements.  

Teen Plus Driving School provides new drivers with the best driver education experience.   Getting a licence is a milestone for new drivers.  We focus on fundamental habits of safe, controlled driving that new drivers can build upon for years to come.  Our instructors continue to build skill and confidence within your new driver, with an understanding of a car control, judgement and awareness to become a proactive driver.  The instructor constantly focuses the students attention to changes in traffic, environment, and risk assessments and much more so that the student understands the driving environment.