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February to October are extremely busy for Teen Plus Driving School.  If you require a certain date to be completed by, please book early to avoid disappointment as we cannot promise any guarantees for late registration.  We strive to have students start their in-vehicle within 2-4 weeks after the Classroom session, based on hours required in the vehicle and season.


March 4 & 5, 2017 (9:00 - 5:00pm)

​March 28, 29, 30 (9:30 - 3:30pm)

Spring Break

April 8 & 9 (9:00 - 5:00pm) 

April 22 & 23 (9:00 - 5:00pm)


All classroom sessions can be found on the registration form by clicking the classroom session arrow.

1-2016 Sherwood Drive Sherwood Park AB T8A 3X3 ca

Teen Plus Driving School has been serving Sherwood Park and area for over 30 years.  We are Sherwood Park's largest Driving School, with 1 committed Classroom Instructors and 9 committed In Vehicle Instructors.

Our trained & certified Instructors are dedicated to helping each student regardless of age(14 to senior), and with all learning levels.  We want them to achieve success in becoming a Proactive Driver vs. Defensive.  Defensive drivers perform last minute decisions to avoid collisions caused by other drivers or poor conditions.  Proactive drivers try to anticipate possible hazards, thus reducing, minimizing, or avoiding danger before it occurs.  We focus on staying alert, calm, maintaining control, eliminating distractions, judgement, distance, hazard awareness, and most important VISION!  

Our Instructors continually develop training skills with internal sessions that exceed Alberta Transportation standards.  Our Senior instructors monitor all instructors 2-4 times per year to ensure all instructors are exceeding provincial requirements.

Alberta Transportation allows a individual instructor to teach in vehicle 63 hours per week.  This becomes a burnt out, fatigued instructor. Teen Plus instructors all work part time averaging 40-80 hours per month, this allows for a dedicated instructor that goes beyond.  Our instructors are very family oriented and take pride in what they do.

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